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Learning by making is an invaluable experience. Tamiya’s Educational Construction Series offers hobbyists the chance to make simple models that give examples of how mechanisms work. This assembly kit constructs a dolphin which swims under the power of the included underwater gearbox, and utilizes a float and fin-shaped rudder.

This is an assembly kit which creates a motorized dolphin model.

Dimensions: length: 182mm, width: 100mm, height: 60mm

Simple assembly method makes this kit accessible to a range of ages including younger modelers.

Power from the underwater gearbox is fed via crank wheels to the 2-piece tail fin, which flaps up and down to propel the model forward with the head bobbing at the same time.

Springy polypropylene (PP) sheet pieces recreate the dolphin’s body and fins, ensuing realistic smooth motion.

Change the swimming direction by altering the fin position.

The model features a float which is attached with a suction cup.

Submarine mini motor requires one AAA battery (sold separately).

Speed: 5cm/second; battery life: 2.5hrs (figures are approximate).

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