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Learning by making is an invaluable experience. Tamiya’s Educational Construction Series offers hobbyists the chance to make simple models that give examples of how mechanisms work.

The Friction Powered Snail utilizes a friction power (flywheel) unit to make a snail model move without the use of batteries. It features adorable wagging and nodding movements that can be set by simple changes to the construction of the model.

This is an assembly kit which creates a friction powered model of a snail.

Dimensions: length: 160mm, width: 57mm, height: 64mm

Spinning the drive wheel rotates the flywheel in the unit, which stores power and feeds it out through the shaft to the crank bases. Changing the attachment direction of the crank bases gives different motion types.

Friction power unit features a transparent case that lets you see what’s going on inside. Gear ratio=37.8:1. It can be removed and used in other creations.

Two polypropylene (PP) sheets are used to recreate the body and shell. Antennae on the head have the additional function of turning the model if it runs into an obstacle.

A clutch is built into the power unit to help prevent damage.

Maximum distance: 12m; running time: 45sec; speed: 1 meter every 2.4sec (all figures approximate).