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Like them or loathe them, centipedes are fascinating things, and this enthralling Educational Construction kit is an accurate recreation of a Japanese centipede’s slithering movement. At around 40cm in length and with 9 pairs of legs, this is not only a highly interesting build, it also offers many hours of fun. This product was developed from original research performed by Osaka University in Japan.

• Length: 400mm, width: 92mm, height: 40mm Weight (including batteries): 243g.
• The finished model consists of a head unit and separate body units, gearbox and battery case.
• Approximate speed is 1 meter every 15 seconds.
• The underside of the model is shaped so that the centipede is automatically routed around obstacles it cannot go over.
• Body sections are molded in clear blue plastic. The number used can be altered.
• Type 130 motor and gears are shared with Mini 4WD products, therefore can be upgraded using Grade-Up parts from the Mini 4WD series.
• Requires two separately sold AAA batteries.

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