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Scout Out the Latest British Addition
British armored scout car boasted enviable maneuverability and armor up
to 30mm thick on its compact hull. Often referred to by its nickname of
“Dingo”, delivery of the Mk.I variant began in 1939; the later Mk.II
featured various modifications, including an overhaul of the steering
system. All told, more than 6,600 “Dingoes” were manufactured until
1945, serving in a range of locations in both reconnaissance and command
car roles.

About the Model
is a 1/48 scale plastic model assembly kit of the “Dingo” Mk.II.

Length: 69mm, width: 37mm.

The lightweight and compact form with
distinctive flat panels is authentically recreated.

The model can be
assembled with folding roof in open or closed position.

Suspension is
realistically depicted with intuitive parts makeup.

Commander and
driver figure are included in realistic action pose.

Contains one set
of markings to recreate a vehicle in combat in Europe.