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This is a 1/700 scale model of the U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier CV-3 Saratoga.
It’s the longest ship to appear in the long running Tamiya Water Line Series.
The Saratoga is a highly interesting subject. Launched in April 1925, the ‘Sister
Sara’ was commissioned in November 1927 as an aircraft carrier. However, she
was originally laid down as a battle cruiser and reclassified mid-way through
the manufacturing process. This explains features rather unique on an aircraft
carrier of her era, such as an enclosed bow and massive funnel.

Sister Sara was a veteran of many actions in the WWII conflict, including the
February 1945 Battle of Iwo Jima operation where she survived devastating hits
from Japanese fighters. Her final contribution to the U.S. cause came after
the end of WWII; she was sunk as one of the targets in a nuclear test on Bikini


Scale 1/700

Construction type ,Assembly kit

Photo-etch parts Not included

Decals Included

Special feature 1 ,Length: 396mm.

Special feature 2 ,This water line model depicts the part of the ship seen
above the line of the water, enabling it to be displayed on a flat surface
as though it were at sea.

Special feature 3 ,The model accurately depicts the Saratoga as she appeared
during the Battle of Iwo Jima in February 1945.

Special feature 4 ,Features a two-part hull, plus a one-part flight deck
which stretches from the bow of the deck to the stern.

Special feature 5 ,Includes scale replicas of Hellcat and Avenger aircraft.