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About the Honda Monkey 2000 Anniversary

was back in 1961 that a curious mini-motorcycle was seen putting around
Honda’s “Tama Tech” amusement park. One of the most popular rides in
the park, it sported a red frame under a white gas tank, tiny 5 inch
tires and a peppy 50cc engine. Riders were said to appear, of all
things, simian, and henceforth the motorcycle came to be known as the
Honda Monkey. Looking more like a toy than a motorcycle, the compactness
and fresh appearance of the Monkey scored high with fans of all ages.
Honda revamped the Z100 park version for use on public roads, and
brought out the CZ100 model which began to be exported in 1963. The
first model to be marketed in Japan was the improved Z50M Monkey, which
featured folding handlebars and seat for easy stowing in a passenger
car. In January 2000, Honda brought out the 2000 anniversary edition of
the Monkey, which sported the image coloring of the 1971 Z50Z(2) model.
The production of this special Monkey was limited to 3000 motorcycles.
The continued appeal of the Monkey must be both its diminutive size and
ease of customization. Each Monkey owner is free to interchange any
number of components including the engine parts, carburetor, exhaust
pipe and suspension. In fact, over 1500 custom parts are marketed for
this playful mini-bike.

About the Model

Overall length: 224mm, overall width: 100mm, overall height: 175mm

Model features two rear view mirrors, and new environmentally friendly carburetor.

Moveable front and rear suspension features metal springs.

Handle bars are foldable just like the full-sized bike.

49cc SOHC engine authentically recreated. Vinyl pipe used for various lines.

Two kinds of custom option parts including muffler are included in kit.

Also included are decals for the 2000 Anniversary model as well as two kinds for the recreation of the standard model.