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  • ROCKY The Rock Crawler Truck NOW COMPLETE WITH 2.4g RADIO

  • Motor – 2 x RC380 Motors (included)

  • ESC – High Power ESC with Heat Sink and Cooling Fan (included)

  • Shocks – Oil Filled Long Travel

  • Battery and Charger – 7.2v 1500mAh Battery (Mains Charger) included

  • Radio – Steering Wheel Transmitter (EPA, D/R, SUB, TRIM ADJUSTMENT)

  • Steering – Two High Power Direct Servo System

  • Tyres and Wheels – High Grip Soft Rubber Tyres on Light Weight Wheels


    If you have rocks then you need a Rockfighter and Rocky (as we’ve affectionately nicknamed it!) the rock crawler is here!

    Just like Rocky Balboa, Rocky the rock crawler has the ability, determination and agility to get to the very top and let no rock get in its way!

    Rocky will virtually bend over backwards to please while crawling over the most hazardous terrain and hardly break into a sweat. You can switch steering modes from front wheel steer to rear wheel steer to four wheel steer and even Crab steer at the push of a button! There is also a useful auto hold brake system that enables Rocky to virtually stop dead at any angle at any point on any surface while he waits for his next command.

    Rocky really doesn’t mind which way he goes as he only has one goal and that is to get to the finish! Rocky has the same climbing agility travelling forward as he does backwards, he can climb obstacles that would appear impossible to most!

    Just like Balboa, Rocky is well built and fine tuned to do a job and he is exemplary as he performs tasks surprisingly effortlessly. Only high quality components are used throughout to ensure Rocky will give his very best on every outing!

    • Strong smooth long travel shock absorbers

    • Aluminium chassis construction

    • Under belly Jockey wheels

    • Powerful drive system with twin independent motors

    • Direct steering linkage system front and rear independently controlled by two high powered servos

    • FM radio system with 10 model memory

    • 4 steering modes (control front and rear independently)

    • Includes powerful 1500mAh 7.2v NiMh battery and mains charger (requires only 8 AA transmitter batteries to complete)

    • Soft grip high traction rubber tyres

    • Axles can turn 90% from each other

    Digital FM radio ensures precise control at all times. It has a large display which shows a graphic to inform you of which steering mode you are in and includes a 10 model memory, this is very useful for setting up different profiles for different terrains!

    Rock crawling is about slow-speed, careful and precise driving and it is getting evermore popular. There are many clubs throughout the UK so contact your local model shop and ask for more details.


    • Length – 450mm

    • Width – 268mm

    • Height – 147mm

    • Wheelbase – 320mm

    • Wheel diameter – 130mm

    • Wheel width – 55mm(F/R)

    • Gear ratio – 1:38.6